MultiGp Pro Spec Racing

Introducing the new PRO SPEC race class of MultiGP Drone Racing! This thrilling competition features high-speed races with drones equipped with the exclusive MultiGP Pro Spec frame and cutting-edge specifications. Watch as pilots navigate challenging courses with precision, showcasing their skills with drones fitted with 7-inch props and vibrant LED lighting.

The PRO SPEC class is more than just a race; it’s a gateway to the global stage. Top pilots from PRO SPEC events will be selected to compete in prestigious PRO STOCK events around the world. Additionally, we are excited to announce that a PRO SPEC Championship will be hosted in the near future, bringing together the best pilots for an electrifying showdown.

Experience the adrenaline rush of intense drone racing like never before in the PRO SPEC class, where advanced technology and pilot expertise come together for an electrifying spectacle. Don’t miss out on the action!

built faster

Just because Pro Spec is RPM limited, doesn't mean you can't have a faster drone. Evan "HeadsUpFPV" Turner and Armando "MondoFPV" Gallegos have done the hard work for you; rigorously testing the Pro Stock to find the fastest setup possible. They have perfected the build process so your Pro Stock is perfect straight out of the box.

Get a Five33 Ready To Fly and be confident that you have the fastest Pro Stock on the blocks.

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Pro Spec requirements

pro stock frame


6s 2200 mah battery


2808 motor


Spec Approved Parts

Looking for spares? Everything listed below is designed for your frame kit.