Flip Switch

Community Led Freestyle Design

Ready To Fly

Lead Time: 2-7 Days
DJI Flip Switch (Ready To Fly)
from $586.99

Lead Time: 2-7 Days
HDZero Flip Switch (Ready To Fly)
from $536.99

Lead Time: 2-7 Days
Analog Flip Switch (Ready To Fly)
from $496.99

Frame kit and spares

ALL Features directly requested from Everyday Pilots Who Wanted The Ultimate Frame.

Five33 Flip Switch Frame Kit
Five33 Flip Switch Frame Kit
from $74.99

Flip Switch TPU Kit
from $5.00

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Aluminum Camera Cage

Protect Your Valuable FPV Camera utilizing the CNC Aluminum Camera Cage

top deck

Opt for the Split Deck Top Plate for props out of view cinematic footage

Choose the single top plate for a durable freestyle machine

Universally compatible

The Flip Switch Fits All Video Systems, Including The Original Air Unit. Additionally 20x20 and 30x30 Stacks. Whichever you prefer.

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Super stiff

Using The Tried and True Core From Our LightSwitch V2, The Stiffness of the Flip Switch is Unparalelled.

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Ready to fly

Our team of professional pilots and builders hand picked the perfect parts for your FlipSwitch. We then hand assemble and test every drone in Maryville, TN.

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Pilot Reviews


“Easy to Build, Hard to break!”


“About As Light And Yet Durable As It Gets”

Simon "RE FPV"

“Perfect Fit For An O3 Freestyle Platform”

Josh Grau

"The More I Fly This Thing The More I Like It"

Tylor Fritts