We eat , sleep, and breathe FPV

Ready to Fly FPV Drones (available with DJI 03 and DJI Goggles 2)

The #1 problem for FPV drone pilots… staying in the air.

Our Mission: Help you start flying and stay flying. This is no easy feat due to the fragile nature of most FPV drones.

Founded by World Champion drone racer Evan “Headsup” Turner and world class Engineer Armando Gallegos, Five33's Ready to Fly (RTF) Drones are durable, light, fast and have no vibrations under 250 hertz. Chris Rosser would be proud.

If something breaks, get back in the air in minutes, not hours (or weeks). Solder free motor swaps and broken arms: sub 5 mins. FC or VTX swaps: sub 20 min. 

Need help? Five33 support helps you every step of the way. Get more stick time and less YouTube time watching Bardwell videos… Fix less, fly more.

Five33 High Quality, Durable FPV Drones

High performance racing, freestyle and long range FPV drones

Five33 builds the best drones with top quality components at competitive prices. Strong motor magnets with high heat ratings, 60 amp ESCs and thick carbon fiber.

Min Chan Kim (MCK) and many Multi GP top pilots won championships with Five33 racing drones. Your only limit will be your ability as a pilot, not your hardware.


Ready to Fly FPV Drones

beautifully crafted from a lifetime of experience.

Special Offer

We want to win you over as a Five33 pilot for life with our best deal ever.

Meet the Tiny Trainer. Loaded with LEDs, it does everything a 5-inch or 7-inch drone can, at a fraction of the cost. Born from racing, sub 250g with 3 inch props. Excels in freestyle and long range with DJI 03.

Hone your skills with the Tiny Trainer and they will transfer to drones of all sizes. Most Multi GP chapters host Tiny Trainer races. 

Choose your bundle below. Get a Tiny Trainer, lipos, DJI Goggles 2 and radio (also compatible with other Goggles/VTX. Select VTX on next page).

Tiny Trainer HD OFFER

Tiny Trainer HD OFFER (Drone & Battery Only)
from $397.55

Don't take our word for it


"I was just mad I didn't find Five33 sooner."


"I started FPV with a Tiny Trainer, and haven't stopped flying since!"


"Five33 had my back throughout my entire FPV Journey."


"These drones can take a hit, and they just keep going!"

Are you a seasoned pilot looking for a 5 inch or 7 inch?

Click here to see all Five33 quads.

*Pro tip: Get a couple ready to fly quads so if one breaks, it becomes spare parts for the others. Never build from scratch or buy extra parts again.