Ti15 Frame Kit
Ti15 Frame Kit

Ti15 Frame Kit

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This is the Ti15 from Ryan “PilotInCommand” Robinson. A 5in racing frame designed to feel like the five33 Tiny Trainer.
Key Features:
Made with consistency in mind: The main problem that the Ti15 attempts to solve is maintaining pilot consistency between two frames. It can be jarring having to adjust from a frame suited for one race season to another. By having similar features to the Tiny Trainer the Ti15 aims to reduce the amount of time it takes for pilots to adjust from their indoor winter racer to their outdoor summer race rigs, thus improving pilot consistency which in turn reduces lap times.
Squished X Design: Unlike most racing frames the Ti15 is a squished X design. This provides more stability on the role axis.
Drop-Down Camera Mount: The camera on the Ti15 sits lower on the front of the quad than other frames, just under the prop line. Instead of sitting above the props and tilting during turns, the camera sitting under the props allows the Ti15 to carve around turns, resulting in a more connected feel.
Analog and HD Video compatible: The Ti15 is compatible with popular analog nano camera and vtx’s like the Foxeer Predator V5 and TBS unify pro32 nano. It’s also compatible with the HDZero nano line of cameras, along with both whoop and race vtx’s
XT60 strain relief: There is a pair of cut outs in the back of the sandwich plate to run a zip tie around the xt60 wires. Running a ziptie around the xt60 wires provides strain relief for the esc battery pads in a hard crash