The ManazGCS Tiny Trainer LED Kit


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The ManazGCS Tiny Trainer LED Kit is the perfect match for your Tiny Trainer build. Following its bigger brother, the kit is equipped with 72 stunningly bright LED’s that change color at your will.

No need to worry about the performance of your integrated BEC or having an external one dangling in your precious build. The mainboard has an integrated BEC that takes care of supplying the LEDs. The kit is designed to be as bright as possible in the most weight effective way.

Key Features

  • Drop in compatible with the Tiny Trainer
  • AIO stack mountable (26x26mm)
  • 72 addressable RGB LEDs
  • Integrated BEC
  • Voltage input: 2-4s (recommended voltage: 3s)


  • 1 x TTLED Mainboard with integrated 1.3A BEC
  • 4 x TTLED Sticks
  • 4 JST wires for easy assembly

Let JB setup your LED’s the fancy way!

Additional information

Weight .005 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5 × .2 in


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