Five33 Rip Sticks (Thumber)

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Tired of your fingers moving around while flying? Rip sticks add extra GRIP to keep your fingers locked in place and your lines consistent.

Thumber Version: Designed to keep your thumbs in place on even the most technical tracks.



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Weight 0.01 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 3 × .25 in
Shape and Thread Size

M4, M2.5, M3

2 reviews for Five33 Rip Sticks (Thumber)

  1. Rich C (verified owner)

    Best thumber/hybrid stick ends I own. Very narrowly beats out the TBS Crown Jewels for best and most natural feel. One improvement would be to make the hex nuts bigger or otherwise more grasp-able, they’re so small that it can make adjusting them doable but slightly tedious, as when the stick end is on top of the nut the stick end is wider than the nut so you really have to aim a fingernail in there underneaath in order to hold the nut while you tighten the stick end. Very impressed though and will be ordering sets for my other radios.

  2. SerphShack (verified owner)

    The picture with the bluegreen resin isn’t exactly accurate as to what you get in the package. The real ones have the shorter spikes all over but the grip is still far better than stock stickends and it’s definitely more than adequate for racing without having to worry about slipping. However, even with the sticks fully screwed down with no stopnut underneath they’re still noticeably longer than the default stickends on my xlite pro. Also, since the edges of the radio’s frame form a hexagon around the gimbal and the thicker base on these stickends conflicts with that part of the frame you cant reach the very corners on either stick. Sanding off a few mm from the lower edges of the stickends allow them to reach the corners. I doubt it would be an issue for any other radio out there but at least on the xlite it’s something you should think about. I would absolutely buy these again as they’re such a huge improvement over stock but just keep in mind you may need to modify them a little bit.

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